The Story

Meet the Lower River Passage

The Lower River Passage encompasses the southern part of the placid and historic St. John River. Meandering 130 kilometers (80 miles) from the port city of Saint John up through rolling hills and pastoral landscapes to Fredericton, New Brunswick’s capital city, the Lower River Passage takes you on a journey in space and time.  

The heritage of centuries surrounds you, and pristine unspoiled views of the St. John River open at every corner of the country roads. Bounded at one end by Saint John, Canada’s oldest incorporated city, where the river enters the Bay of Fundy over the world-renowned Reversing Falls, and at the other end by Fredericton, the Lower River Passage is an opportunity for you to explore this naturally beautiful region and learn how it contributes to the history of North America.

The Lower St. John River has a long and rich human history. First Nations peoples have lived along the river they call Wolastoq for 10,000 years. Samuel de Champlain’s first stop in present day New Brunswick was at the mouth of the St. John River on June 24th, 1604. Following the American Revolution, thousands of Americans loyal to the King fled to the St. John River searching refuge and a new home.

Through subsequent settlement and development, the area has retained its pristine natural beauty. Here you can relax, connect with nature and enjoy peace and tranquility.

Choose a route to travel through the Passage. Cross on the river’s unique free cable ferries. Collect the lighthouses along the river. Visit the artisans on our Arts and Crafts Studio Route. A journey through the Passage is an experience of all the region and its communities have to offer.

We hope you will use this website to discover all there is to do and experience here. Welcome to the Lower River Passage- relax, discover and enjoy Atlantic Canada’s unique river- the St. John.