Fort Howe National Historic Site
Magazine Street (North)

Attraction #1

Fort Howe was built in 1777 by the British to protect access to the St. John River. Major Guilford Studholme, was sent from Halifax with a pre-fabricated block house for the site. By 1783, when the Loyalists arrived, Fort Howe held within its outer wall eight cannons, barracks for 100 men, and two additional blockhouses.

With time, its military purpose was diminished, and Fort Howe became a storage and distribution point for food and supplies for the refugees. Two years later, the City of Saint John was created by Royal Charter, and the Fort became the City’s police station and gaol. It is said that Major Studholme retired to a farm upriver, where his ghost is sometimes reported to be seen galloping along the highway with his strongbox of gold under one arm.

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