3. Holy Trinity Anglican
Route 105, Lower St. Mary’s (1846)

This small church located on the north side of the St. John River is very close to Fredericton. It was built in 1846 and consecrated by Bishop John Medley of Fredericton on October 18, 1848.

The building was built to face the St. John River. Because it was designed in a cruciform shape with each arm of the cross of equal length it is known as the “Little Cross Church”. The parishioners seated themselves in two of the arms, the choir and vestry were located in the third, and the east arm of the cross contained the chancel.

Holy Trinity Church is an excellent example of Bishop Medley’s love of Gothic architecture. It has many lancet windows and applied buttresses decorate each side of the arms. A very graceful, open belfry sits on the roof in the center of the cross arms.

This church now holds only one service a year on the Sunday after Labour Day. It was proclaimed a Provincial Historic Site